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Buy low. Sell high.
Beat Trump

Raise money for the eventual Democratic nominee while learning about the candidates

Let's ensure that whoever wins the nomination has the funding they need to take on Trump. 2020 Madness is non-profit and volunteer built.

How does this work?

Step 1

Donate and receive 2020 Madness game coins

Donations are handled by ActBlue - the platform used by all the candidates - and go into the Eventual Candidate Fund. We don’t keep a cent.

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100 Coins

Step 2

Pick your favorite candidates

Buy. Sell. Short. Watch your “investments” rise and fall based on changes in national polling numbers.

Step 3

Play with friends

Compete with your friends and see who's better at predicting what's going to happen.

Last step

Help us raise $1 million and beat Trump!

Join thousands who are already playing.

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